Au Pair for my family

Find the Perfect Au Pair for Your Family’s needs and enjoy a Cultural Exchange with JCR Au Pairs and Nannies

  • Find the Perfect Live-In Childcare Solution for Your Family’s Busy Schedule!
  • Do you love the idea of home-based care where your children can bond with one caregiver?
  • Discover the Benefits of Au Pair Home-Based Childcare: One-on-One Bonding with a Trusted Caregiver for Your Family
  • The Most Affordable Childcare and Household Assistance Option for Your Family – Starting at Just $225 per Week!

As parents and families, the idea of welcoming someone from a different part of the world into your home may feel daunting at first. However, with the help of JCR Au Pairs and Nannies, the thought of cultural exchange and becoming a host family becomes exciting and enjoyable. JCR’s support every step of the way makes the experience a lot of fun for all involved.

  • Not sure how to select the right au pair for you?
  • Not sure what a cultural exchange family agreement looks like or what is a reasonable au pair allowance?
  • Want to know how to prepare for your au pair’s arrival and how to manage the placement?

We understand that the process of planning can be overwhelming for parents and families. That’s why we are here to provide answers to all your questions and guide you every step of the way. We strive to alleviate the stress by handling all the research and arrangements for you.

All our staff are mothers with children, so you can always be sure you are talking to someone in the same position – trying to juggle work, family and fun.

How to Select an Au Pair

Au Pair for my family 1. Share Your Needs and Preferences with Us!
Au Pair for my family 2. We learn more about you and answer any questions
Au Pair for my family 3. We select the au pairs that best match your family's requirements
Au Pair for my family 4. Find the Perfect Au Pair: Browse Detailed Profiles and Choose Your Top Picks to interview!
Au Pair for my family 5. We assist you in choosing the perfect au pair for your family guiding you through video calls and emails
Au Pair for my family 6. Choose Your Perfect Au Pair for Your Family's Needs
Au Pair for my family 7. We Handle all the Details! Your Au Pair's Paperwork, Visa, and Flights are Arranged - all Hassle-Free for You
Au Pair for my family 8. Welcome Your Au Pair Home: Greeting Them at the Airport and Integrating Them into Your Family
Au Pair for my family 9. We are here to support you every step of the way: Offering guidance, conflict resolution, and a replacement au pair if needed.

What is an Au Pair?

Au pair has become the general term used in most countries to mean a young person from overseas who lives with a family for a cultural exchange and working holiday experience, helping with childcare and light household duties, and receives full board and lodge (bedroom and meals), and weekly allowance.

The word au pair comes from French meaning “on a par” or “on the same level”. The French refer to it as “jeune fille au pair” meaning “young girl as one of us”. However, she is not expected to be another child in the home but a responsible, reliable young adult. Au pairs must be included as a member of the family in all activities, just like a grownup sister or brother, not treated as hired help.

JCR au pairs have reference-checked childcare experience, such as babysitting/nannying, daycare or school placements, camp or activity co-ordinator, coach or tutor. Many have been planning their Australian au pair adventure for years and gaining relevant experience. Police and medical checks are standard, and most have First Aid training and an international driving permit.



Au Pair for my family