FAQs - Au Pair for my family

Will the au pair be able to drive?

Some host families will require their au pair to drive the children to school, activities, to do shopping and errands etc. If an au pair is required to drive the car as part of their duties, the host family will provide appropriate insurance for that vehicle.

Our au pairs will have obtained their International Driving Permit before they arrive in Australia.

We recommend the host family arrange a few driving lessons for the au pair prior to commencing driving duties, or as a minimum, some practice time with a host parent to familiarise the au pair with different road rules, driving on the other side of the road to what they are used to, driving at night, parking a larger car than they may be used to etc.

Families should also expect to allow their au pair limited private use of a car or otherwise drive their au pair around in her free time to places she wants to go. This is essential if public transport isn’t within walking distance of the home.