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Laura in Canada

I LOVE CANADA!!!!! So much to see and do! My host family is great! They’ve really taken me in as another member of the family! I even enjoy doing stuff with them on the weekends. We went to the Capilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver last weekend…Amazing!!! And we are all going away to a remote little cabin this weekend! So thank you for everything!!!!!!!! –

Emilie in France

I have many many stories to share from my placement… I’ll start by saying that this was the perfect placement, for my host parents and for me. I’ve spent the past 10 months looking after a 4 year old girl and 5 year old boy. It’s a difficult age to care for because they don’t remember to do little things like blow their nose when it’s running, but, it’s also a very cute age where they ask you questions like ‘is there an ambulance for animals?’ after we saw a bird with a broken wing.

My host parents really made me feel a part of their family. I spent Christmas meeting their extended family and holidaying with them in the ski fields of Le Grande Bornand. We shared the same sense of humour and shared a mutual respect which motivated me to work hard. It’s an odd feeling, to feel like the single mum of children that aren’t your own. But if you’re lucky enough to feel loved by the kids you care for you’ll be surprised at how much you would do for them without thinking twice.

My family introduced me to many typically French traditions (and many yummy bottles of wine) and I think because of that, I have fallen in love with France. I lived in Brittany which is not the most popular area of France that you hear about but I think no matter where you are placed there is so much to learn and so much to see. Before my French classes started I was totally alone during the day when the kids were at school and during the weekends, this lasted one full month. So every weekend I took the car and drove to a new area of Brittany which I hadn’t seen before and it’s still some of the best times I’ve had here.

It’s daunting to imagine yourself flying to a foreign country where people speak a different language to your own. It’s even more daunting to imagine that ALL your friends and family are far away. But I found that it’s not too difficult to find friends. Travellers tend to stick together and once language school starts, the au pairs always find each other. In fact, the hardest part about making friends here is having to say goodbye because you can’t be sure when you’ll see them again.

Thanks again for the experience everyone at JCR. Writing this email made me cry! Haha. I’ve just had the best time of my life.

Gabrielle in Germany

Hi JCR, we are starting to get ready for Christmas now which I am excited for as it will be my first ‘white Christmas’. I am doing well with the little boy I am looking after and I am getting along well with my host parents so I have had a very positive year so far. I am also really pleased with my German skills I have gained from my classes and help from the family. I have also been in contact via email with other Au Pairs which has been really great as its allowed me to share my experience and also get help and support. Please pass on my email to any au pairs needing a friend to talk to. JCR really does offer a great program and thank you again for this opportunity!

Bianca, Melbourne

“Au pairing in Scotland has been one of the best experiences of my life, hands down. I have a great rapport with my host children and parents, and I feel as if I’ve become just another member of the family. I’ve also made so many amazing friends and done an infinite number of fun, exciting and interesting things here and abroad – I hardly know where to begin. Scotland – rich in history, enchanting and cosmopolitan – has become my home away from home. Even the weather hasn’t managed to dampen my spirits or stopped me from doing any of the things that I’ve wanted to do – though my waterproof jacket and umbrella have definitely come in handy! If you are looking for a place abundant with natural beauty that is only a stone’s throw away from civilisation and all the perks of the modern age, look no further than Scotland.”