Be an Au Pair or Nanny overseas

If you love working with children and want to see the world, being an Au Pair or Nanny overseas is a wonderfully rich way to experience a different culture.

You’ll be treated as a member of the family you live with, grow to love the kids you’ll be caring for, and earn money to travel and sight see in your free time.

We have an enviable list of countries to choose from and our high quality families are carefully screened. Most are repeat families so are well known to us, and they really understand and value the au pair relationship. This means you will have a host family that truly cares about you!

Enquire before the 30th April and save – last opportunity to secure our 2018 program fees! (only payable on your signed agreement with your perfect family)


Do you have any hidden fees and charges? – No. We charge a single placement fee, and only when you are 100% happy with your chosen host family.

Do you charge a deposit?  – No. We do not charge a deposit, in fact, we do not charge any placement fees until you have a signed agreement. (Some of our competitors charge a large non refundable deposit).

Are your program prices expensive? – No. We understand how hard you have worked to save for your trip of a lifetime and we do our very best to keep our prices reasonable. Be sure to compare any competitors prices and products with ours before you book or pay any deposits.

Do you try to “Hard Sell”? – No. – We don’t have to, our products, prices and ethics sell themselves!

Do you guarantee a job before I leave? – Absolutely. You will have your dream family locked in writing before you go.

Do I get to choose a family? – You sure do! You review detailed family profiles and decide if you are interested in proceeding with interviews. We help you at every stage, and keep going until we find you your perfect family match.

Do you provide in-country support?- Absolutely. You will have a dedicated in-country support person, as well as our Australia-based team, available to you 24/7 until the end of your placement. We are all there to answer any questions or help solve any problems.

Included in all placements

Your dream family placement arranged in writing before you leave
Weekly Pay
Negotiate you the best pay and conditions
Own room, all meals
Days off to explore
24/7 in-country support

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Questions to ask before choosing an pair agency or travel company

Simple Steps to Nanny Overseas

Be an Au Pair or Nanny overseas 1. Choose your ideal country
Be an Au Pair or Nanny overseas 2. Submit your application
Be an Au Pair or Nanny overseas 3. We learn more about you and answer your questions
Be an Au Pair or Nanny overseas 4. We select the families that best match your wish list and that are interested in meeting you
Be an Au Pair or Nanny overseas 5. You review detailed family profiles and decide if you are interested
Be an Au Pair or Nanny overseas 6. We help you interview with families via Skype
Be an Au Pair or Nanny overseas 7. You confirm if you are 100% happy to accept a family’s offer
Be an Au Pair or Nanny overseas 8. We put everything in writing between you and your chosen family
Be an Au Pair or Nanny overseas 9. Set off on the journey of a lifetime
Be an Au Pair or Nanny overseas 10. Access to a dedicated in-country support person 24/7 throughout your placement

What makes you, you?

You are unique. We find out as much as we can about you. Love the outdoors? Prefer the bustle of a city?  Love the smell of baking bread?  Dream of skiing holidays? Want a white Christmas? Only then can we build your complete profile and find you the best family.

How can I be sure I’ll get a supportive and inviting overseas family?

1. We only work with amazingly supportive families who want an au pair to be part of their family
2. Many of our families are very experienced repeat families and ‘love’ hosting au pairs
3. We carefully match your skills, experience, and interests with the right families
4. You can meet (skype) with your potential family as many times as you’d like and ask all  of your questions until you are completely satisfied.
5. We have the industry’s most extensive family profile packs (family details and pictures) so you can get the best ‘feel’ for each family