Volunteer FAQ

Your program fee will cover your pre-departure support and materials, food, accommodation, training and orientation, long-term program partner field staff, 24-hour in-country support, and project equipment and materials. Not to mention the unforgettable, off-the-beaten track, life changing experiences!

Absolutely! We are here to answer any and every question you have about our programs. Our program partners Country Experts are ex- volunteers so know all about the life changing experiences you can expect while volunteering.

No, our program partners trained field team will provide you with all of the training you need when you join your project. Some of our programs do require volunteers to be PADI Open Water certified prior to joining.

No, there is no age limit to join our projects and in fact, our oldest volunteer to date was 80! Our projects do have a minimum age of 18, with the exception our family volunteering programs for 14+ when accompanied by a guardian.

Expeditions are normally booked up 8-12 months in advance while projects tend to have more availability. Contact us to check availability for any program that interests you!

Yes. Couples and friends are welcome, dependent on availability and the size of the group. Please be aware that we cannot always guarantee private accommodation.

Most projects do not require experience. Those positions that do require certain skills or experience have these details listed on their respective program pages under Skills Required. Where required we provide full training and supervision. All we ask is for you to keep an open mind and bring passion and enthusiasm.

Yes, a completed application form is required for all expeditions and projects. This is essential for your safety and enjoyment as well as the projects ultimate success. You will receive a call to discuss your eligibility for the program you have applied for from one of our dedicated advisors.

Yes, you can! Many volunteers arrive early to start exploring or join a project half way through a longer trip round the world.

Our Program Partner is one of the most well respected and prominent international volunteering organisations.

Costs vary between projects and expeditions and are dependent upon our partners’ requirements, requests and geographical locations. View individual program pages for specific information on dates, costs and what is included.

Our volunteer projects include all your food, accommodation, training, project equipment and global support unless stated otherwise (see your specific program page for more detailed information). The only extra money you will need is a small amount for spending money. As a rough estimate we recommend around AU$320 a month for spending money on all our programs.

A deposit is payable to secure your booking and instalments payable until 12 weeks before the start date of your program. We will be happy to talk through the options with you.

Absolutely, this is an essential part of joining an expedition, project or internship. You will not be allowed to join unless you have fully comprehensive insurance.



This depends the location of your project. The field manual contains further information on Visa requirements for each specific location.

On most programs you will be met by a representative from our program partner at the airport if you arrive on specific dates prior to the program start date.

The very best local knowledge and network of enthusiastic and well informed staff and representatives. On our projects you will be working directly alongside full time staff with the experience and skills to make your expedition fun and fulfilling. Our partner projects are chosen for their commitment to the projects and to you as a volunteer.

Accommodation will often, though not always, be more basic than what you would expect on a tourist holiday or guided tour and are often shared with your fellow volunteers. For detailed information on accommodation check the program homepages.

The food will be nutritious and healthy throughout your stay. Most locations will serve vegetarian meals, utilizing locally sourced produce.

Most of our locations can provide for special dietary requirements. However, if you have any specific concerns we would put you in contact with the specific program partner to discuss.

Most locations require a moderate level of fitness especially if you want to get the full amount out of your time there. If high levels of fitness are required this is highlighted on the program homepage.

This depends on your chosen program. We always try to allow weekends off to explore surrounding environments and to make trips to other locations however, there are some exceptions to this where the requirements of our project partners dictate otherwise.

Program staff and field representatives are fully trained to deal with any type of emergency and all our projects are linked with head office staff 24-hours a day. In case of an emergency – link up with field members to arrange local medical treatment or air evacuation.

The health and safety of all volunteers is paramount. In view of this, our program partner has compiled strict systems and procedures, including the presence of long term staff on the ground who work closely with local partners to ensure they are up to date with local developments. All volunteers and staff receive a full orientation, always have permission to decline to participate if they feel unsafe and have access to a 24-hour emergency support system, including senior experienced staff on standby both in country and regionally in case of incident or concern. Partner programs also all host regular health and safety meetings to review incidents, near misses and concerns, on top of the standard briefings and edit procedures if necessary.

All volunteers will need a sign off on any disclosed medical conditions from a qualified GP/Doctor and admission to your chosen program is subject to consideration of all medical conditions so we can ensure the safety of all volunteers. Marine projects may require a ping medical assessment as well. Exclusion from one option for medical reasons does not necessarily prevent participation on all of our programs.

Our Program partner opened their doors in 1997 and has spent over 65% of all funds directly on our projects.  It is our mission to support field operations in the long term.  Rather than abandon programs that recruit fewer volunteers we strategically invest from our fully staffed sites to help maintain our presence across the globe.

The remaining 35% that is not directly invested in our programs covers the cost of volunteer recruitment, the operations of our head offices, and the support of projects indirectly through their Charitable Trust.  The offices are of vital importance to ensure the safety and well-being of all volunteers and their charity is an essential tool for providing financial support to all ongoing efforts.

The health and safety of all participants is paramount. From selecting our projects and partner organisations and the pre-departure support we provide, to the day-to-day care of our participants in the field, 200+ expert personnel put your health and safety first, and they have an impeccable track record.

They take health and safety more seriously, run comprehensive risk assessments for each of our activities, in each of our locations, and are prepared for any eventuality, no matter how unlikely.

Over 200 expertly trained staff members live alongside the local communities in the locations year-round, and only work with leading organisations in their field. This means that we know the areas intimately, and have dedicated, experienced professionals available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Together, everyone works towards the success of the projects as well as the enjoyment and fulfilment of all volunteers

Project partners keep in regular contact with relevant embassies and foreign offices, ensuring that we’re able to give you the most up-to-date information and travel advice regarding our locations. Field staff send regular information bulletins to HQ, so we’re always in the know with what’s happening on the ground.

PLEASE NOTE:  programs are not just holidays! It must be understood that volunteer programs are going to have a risk factor, whether you are diving on a coral reef or spending an extended time in the Amazonian rainforest. All future participants should be aware of the risks involved and make an informed decision on participation. Programs sometimes operates in remote conditions and in some cases deals hands-on with wildlife. Our Program partner endeavours to offer you the safest way to visit new places and experience amazing opportunities.