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JCR offer teaching English - Conversational English Tutor

What is conversational English? Could I do it?

Italy, Spain, France or Germany!

No teaching qualification required.

Think of yourself as being an English language helper or a live-in English tutor to people whose first language is not English. You will give informal lessons where you determine where the students are at and then add to their vocabulary to improve their English conversation.

It may be the parents or children who you are helping to improve their language skills.

You will usually tutor the family members for around 15 hours a week, from Monday to Friday. It is expected that you’ll do some pre-planning and bring some printed materials with you – or do it in your spare time overseas– so that lessons have some basic structure.

Live-in… with your host family and teach them conversational English for a few hours a day. Explore your new surroundings in your free time!