FAQs - Au Pair for my family

What duties/family help is an au pair expected to do?

An au pair’s duties/family help should be at least 60% childcare-related, with the remaining consisting of light housework chores.

Each family’s requirements will be different, please discuss your questions or special requirements with your agency representative.

This is a guide to what your au pair can be asked to do:

The YES list

  • Taking to school/kinder/daycare/ activities
  • Help with homework, play activities suggested /arranged by parents
  • Baths/showers, dressing, bedtime preparation
  • Care for a sick child at home, unless a child is very ill then a parent needs to take over
  • Prepare snacks and meals for children but a parent needs to plan and provide for the meals ahead of time
  • Tidy children’s bedrooms and play areas
  • Grocery shopping and putting groceries away
  • Vacuum own room and shared areas
  • Clean own private bathroom or a light clean of a bathroom shared with children
  • Pack/ unpack dishwasher, wiping down kitchen benches
  • Hang and fold washing / laundry
  • Mopping / cleaning up spills by children

The NO list

  • Taking a sick child to the doctor or caring for a very ill child (eg gastro)
  • Heavy cleaning of the kitchen (stoves, ovens, splashbacks, tiles)
  • Gardening or cleaning outdoor areas
  • Cleaning up after pets
  • Cleaning bathrooms she doesn’t use
  • Regular mopping of wet areas
  • Dusting or window cleaning
  • Cleaning the car, except leaving it clean / tidy after her personal use
  • Planning or regularly cooking family meals

The MAYBE list if au pair is willing

  • Prepare the family dinner occasionally, either a meal of her own choice, or from the family’s meal plan
  • Feeding and walking pets
  • Garden watering