FAQs - Be an Au Pair or Nanny overseas

What happens if the Overseas Placement doesn’t Work out?

Most of the time the au pair and host family relationship works out really well and it’s a positive experience.

On the rare occasion it doesn’t, JCR Au Pairs and Nannies will be there to help you find another family.

We have a clearly defined set of steps that we follow when it’s not working out with a host family and au pair.

First, we encourage you to always keep the communication lines open. You should be comfortable talking to each other about how things are going and if things aren’t going well, trying to resolve problems between yourselves.

If you don’t feel as if you can resolve things on your own, your in country support person will step in and assist with a mediation meeting.

If problems can’t be resolved and the best option is a new placement, we will put you forward to other families to interview with and find a new placement at no extra cost

Fortunately, this doesn’t happen often but if it should then we are there to assist you.

What happens if there should be any kind of threat to my wellbeing?

In the unlikely case this happens, we need you to let us know very quickly, then we will arrange to move you out of the situation into another home or a hostel for a while until you have matched with another family.