English Tutor in Spain

Teach your host family conversational English and explore Spain during your free time!

Land of fiestas and siestas, flamenco dancing, bull-fights, wine, seafood and olive oil. Visit the wonderful castles, taste the Spanish nougat, explore ancient historical sites.

Teaching English in Spain enables you to travel to Spain as a live-in guest with a warm, welcoming Spanish host family.

With a deep focus on cultural exchange, our host families are not only excited to improve their English but also can’t wait to share the characteristics of Spain, its culture and cuisine with you.

1 – 3 month placements available all year round
No qualifications necessary

With our Teach English in Spain program no teaching qualifications are necessary – just a desire to be an enthusiastic and fun helper as you explore every day English words and basic sentences.

It might be simple flash cards with the children, a trip to the market to practice vocabulary, or calling out the English word at home for everyday household item. We will provide you with lots of ideas to help you prepare.

All accommodation and meals included
– equivalent to 500 Euro a week!

Included in all placements

Accommodation and daily meals 7 days a week
Assistance and advice with host family placements
Assistance and advice during your stay in Spain
Welcome pack with complete information via e-mail
Social opportunities with other Tutors
Airport pick-up

Most of our host families live close to Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona – perfect bases to explore in your free time.

Because you’ll only be tutoring 15 hours per week, you’ll have plenty of time to travel this beautiful, diverse country and make Spanish friends, even travel to other countries in Europe!

Sound exciting? It is. Our participants rave about what we do.

Applying is simple. We guide you through the entire process and help you find a great host family guaranteed – so you have peace of mind before you leave home.

English Tutor in Spain

How it works:

We spend a lot of time understanding your interests and hopes for your trip away.

There needs to be a “connection” between you and your host family which you will feel during your Skype interviews. You can Skype, call or email your family – as many times as you’d like – and get to know them.

Then we put your placement details in writing, so you can pack and say goodbye to home knowing that your new home in Spain is locked in, ready and waiting.

You will receive all meals and have your own private bedroom (full board and lodge) in your host family’s home. You do not earn a wage. In return, you will teach conversational English approximately 15 hours a week with the parents or children.

The schedule depends on each family’s timetable, for example 3 hours x 5 days p/wk, in the late afternoon or early evening.

Some host families may request more teaching hours per week, and would pay you an allowance for these extra hours.

You are also expected to help with general light tasks around the house.

These include keeping your own room clean, helping to keep the kitchen and living areas tidy, cleaning anything you use, occasional babysitting, and offering to do other helpful tasks.

Am I eligible? 

  • Males and  females aged 18 to 30, older applicants considered
  • Be fluent in English
  • Speak very well and clearly
  • Be a non-smoker or be willing to refrain from smoking at home
  • Be in good health and without a criminal record
  • Be polite and respectful of the host family´s rules and habits
  • Enjoy getting to know other cultures and languages
  • Enjoy helping others to learn your language
  • Be creative in making the learning process enjoyable
  • Be patient with the people you will be helping
  • Be willing and able to adapt to another culture
  • Be willing and able to live as part of a family and not as a guest
  • Have a sense of responsibility and a positive attitude

The role:

  • You will tutor the family members for around 15 hours a week, from Monday to Friday.
  • As you will be teaching mainly in the evenings, (eg 5pm – 9pm) you have the entire day to explore
  • In most cases you will be teaching the children, but in some cases it may be the parents who are interested in improving their language skills.
  • Weekends are non-work days, giving you more time to journey further afield
  • During summertime you may be asked to teach in the mornings instead, as the children are on school holidays
  • Although you are not expected to have formal teaching qualifications, you are expected to be proactive and to try to engage the family members in conversation so as to improve their speaking skills

Your responsibilities:

  • Keep your room tidy and in a reasonable state
  • Responsible for your personal expenses
  • Expected to respect the rules and routines of the host family and be polite to them
  • Expected to help with shred chores, such as cooking and cleaning up after meals
  • During summer months you may be asked to join the family at their holiday destination

Placement lengths:

  • 1 month
  • 2 months
  • 3 months


What is conversational English? Could I do it? Yes!

  • Very informal lessons where you determine where the students are at and then add to their vocabulary based on every day scenarios to improve their English
  • It might be word flash cards, helping with homework, or using everyday objects and calling out the English name
  • It is expected that you’ll do some pre-planning and bring some printed materials with you – or do it in your spare time overseas– so that lessons have some basic structure
  • We will provide you with a lot of starter resources to make this very easy



Program Cost

NO application fee: $0 – pay nothing until you have accepted a family’s offer


Placement fee –$620


We do not seek any payment until you are 100% satisfied with your chosen host family

It is our host family guarantee

Recent Teach English in Spain placements

Family in Madrid (8 kms from central Madrid) looking for a native English language tutor for 3 months. The family have 3 children aged 16, 15 and 12 years who need some assistance with conversational English. 15 hours per week of English classes in return for full board and lodge. Weekends free for sightseeing!